The Parent to Be

The Parent To Be

This is a super exciting time where parents to be are highly motivated to be as best prepared for the pending arrival of their child. The inevitable demands of becoming a new parent mean that individuals and couples need to adjust to their changing relationships and life in general. Many of these changes may involve a sense of loss, including:

  • previous lifestyle and identity
  • income and financial independence
  • companionship and sexual intimacy
  • job/career and self esteem
  • friends and hobbies/sport

Many of these critical issues become a problem if they aren’t addressed before the baby is born. This workshop creates a space for parents to be to reflect upon their individual and relationship needs.

This is an inspiring time to get ready for the role of mothering and fathering. A time for getting on the same page in regards to your values, beliefs and dreams for your child, relationship and family.

Participating in this workshop will allow individuals and couples to:

  • develop a powerful sense of meaning, purpose and vitality as a parent and partner.
  • find clarity in how their relationship influences their child’s health and wellbeing
  • discover new ways to balance their lives.
  • learn new skills in order to cope and communicate more effectively.


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