The Pre & Primary School Parent

The Pre & Primary School Parent

Parenting this age group can be incredibly rewarding and also really challenging.

This Tuning in to Kids workshop will clearly outline this stage of development, helping you:

  • manage strong feelings, including temper tantrums, fears and worries
  • provide predictable, healthy routines
  • uphold family values and rules
  • set healthy boundaries, including limits with technology
  • adapt to individual temperaments
  • understand the need for them to develop broad competencies in a whole range of activities

You will learn skills that will help you:

  • develop consistency and united front between parents
  • stay connected to your child
  • listen, understand and problem solve
  • mediate sibling rivalry
  • set healthy boundaries
  • help your child negotiate friendships
  • manage your own stress levels

Tuning in to Kids is an evidence based program that is proven to make a real and immediate difference in the way you relate and respond to your own needs and the needs of your kids.

In this 6 week workshop you will learn to understand your child’s behaviour and take home new skills to practice immediately which help you to respond in ways that build connection and emotional intelligence in your child.

Individual one-on-one intensive – $750
Couples one-on-two training – $550pp
Groups – $500pp

Next Pre & Primary School Parent Workshop begins 17th August.

CALL – 0401 885 282


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