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Parents of Teens

The turbulent teenage years – probably the most challenging time for all concerned! In this important but fraught stage, parents are moving from the role of being manager to consultant.

Many parents live in fear of their teen engaging in unsafe practices or risky behaviour as they push boundaries and seek new thrills. You may be feeling burdened with the responsibility of getting them through this time safely, with healthy boundaries that support them being successful in their studies, hobbies and increasingly demanding peer relationships.

This Tuning in to Teens workshop will clearly outline this stage of development, helping you :

  • take things less personally
  • reframe your own teen years so they are a helpful resource
  • support their emerging identity
  • understand and reframe their mood swings, anxiety and rejecting behaviour
  • manage the inevitable separation and independence

You will learn skills that will help you:

  • stay connected to your teen
  • listen and understand
  • let them make mistakes
  • set healthy boundaries
  • manage your own stress levels
  • resist the urge to project your own fear and anxiety on to your hormonal teen

Tuning in to Teens is an evidence based program that is proven to make a real and immediate difference in the way you relate and respond to your own needs and the needs of your kids.

In this 6 week workshop you will learn to understand your child’s behaviour and take home new skills to practice immediately which help you to respond in ways that build connection and emotional intelligence in your child.

Individual one-on-one intensive – $750
Couples one-on-two training – $550pp
Groups – $500pp


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