Tuning in to Kids for Dad’s

Tuning in to Kids for Dad’s

Dad’s Matter

I have had the honour and privilege of working closely with dads who are passionately wanting to become more effective and connected fathers for their children. I witness the deep love and commitment they have for their children and their openness, willingness and striving to learn parenting skills that will help them achieve a more connected and satisfying relationship with their kids.

Tuning in to Kids for Dads

The one-on-one setting of Tuning in to Kids for Dads that is offered enables the parent education training to be more personalised.  While learning the skills, strategies and tools needed to help them be the effective, loving father they want to be, there is also the opportunity to unpack what gets in their way.  Self-awareness is raised as we look at patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings and the story behind them that trips them up and has them ‘reacting’ rather than responding.  

I find that dads are like sponges with this education.  They truly want to do things differently.  They are highly motivated by the love and care they have for their kids.

Fathers play a very special and important role in parenting and raising children.  Fathers can be our greatest:

  • Protector and provider – helping a child feel safe and secure.  Providing the boundaries we need and the basics we require in terms of shelter, food and love.
  • Coach – helping us take risks and challenging us to be more of who we are.
  • Fan – believing in us and loving us no matter what.
  • Supporter – being there for us when we need them, listening to us and showing they understand.
  • Teacher – teaching us to connect the choices we make, with the outcomes we experience.  Helping us problem solve and make good choices.
  • Role model – helping build character, integrity and values 
  • Playmate – helping us know the importance of fun, joy and adventure 

Research shows us that a child’s well-being, education, behaviour and mental strength depends greatly on their dad’s involvement in their upbringing.

If you are a father that wants to be the best dad they can be for their children and recognises you could benefit from learning some new skills and ways of being that would enable this please get in touch

We are passionate about helping you achieve this and now provide Tuning in to Kids for Dad’s in a one-on-one format either delivered in person or remotely. 

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