Licensed to Parent Testimonials


This is what participants are saying about tuning into kids

One-on-One Intensive:

Not only is Deborah an excellent facilitator but she is genuinely compassionate and supportive toward the roller coaster of emotions that separating parents experience and can genuinely empathise as she has ridden that roller coaster herself, so it’s great to feel acknowledged, understood and guided by Deborah as she takes you through the course.

Deborah taught me various strategies and concepts to use to assist my children with managing their emotions as well as my own and I can say the results speak for themselves.  When the children were with me over the school holiday break using the strategies that Deborah had taught, the understanding and emotional connection that my children and I experienced was nothing short of amazing.  My children opened up to me like never before.  Having them share and feel safe enough to vocalise the way they felt was absolutely heart warming.  

I can’t recommend Deborah and the Tuning into Kids course highly enough for any parent who wants to learn to parent better and establish a deeper connection with their children.

Shane Stevanovich

Deborah’s approach to the intensive course worked really well for me.  The course itself is well structured with clear materials to outline an approach that does not come naturally to many of us.  When paired with Deborah’s amazing skill as a teacher, and her flexibility and empathy, it made the one-on-one intensive an excellent use of money and time for me.

From tailoring the sessions’ timing to fit with my family circumstances, to adapting the pace we moved through the course to best suit the areas of relevance for my kids’ ages and temperaments, meant I felt that I was receiving tailored coaching rather than a generic syllabus.  There was lots of time for me to ask questions and work through examples to understand where my ’emotion coaching’ efforts to date could be improved.

Above all, Deborah’s genuine warmth and empathy helped establish a rapport that meant I felt understood (as a father, single parent and a former child) and could discuss parenting and related matters openly and gain further insights into my relationship with my children.

It is early days still, however the course has led me to have conversations with my kids that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the skills or confidence to try (thank you!), and be far more conscious of the way I respond as a parent around boundaries, discipline and emotions at different times.  It has made my interactions with my boys feel deeper and more grounded.  Deborah’s passion for the course and commitment to helping improve parenting outcomes for kids is to be commended.

Andrew K – Hampton

I found the two day course super informative on many different levels. Deborah gives you a meticulous insight into the brain senses through to the emotions of why things spiral out of hand. The exercises are fun and give you a one on one hypothetical scenario on how you would conduct yourself with your child/children. The thing that blew me away most was how cheap it actually is for a 12 hour session that goes on for two days.

I’m an advocate and highly recommend any man/woman in need of understanding how the emotional component works. This is where Deborah is well educated and experienced and she makes sense of how the emotional component works. It’s also beneficial for a parent to cognitively want to make a change in their life… I can introspectively and emotionally see the benefits already. Thank you Deborah and all the very best…!

Miroslav Kozlica

If you’re thinking about doing a parenting course – book Deb.  I can’t believe it was a combination of fun, uplifting, moving and inspiring.  Not how this dad imagined the day going but boy was I blown away.  What a superstar.  Thanks Deb.

Michael Sunderland

It’s always great to learn and add to our toolbox of skills as a person and parent. Tuning into Kids is such a valuable program for parents of children preschool age and older.  It gives a useful framework and language to use in identifying kids’ emotions and to productively deal with a variety of everyday situations.  It also gives helpful understanding for parents to reflect and connect better with their own emotions and parenting styles to further help their children.

Deborah is such a great facilitator of this program.  I did the one-on-one program with her over three sessions and found it so helpful.  As a therapist, teacher and parent herself, Deborah has such great insights that, in my opinion, further enhance the delivery of the program.  I’d recommend the program and Deborah to any parent without hesitation.


Group Program:

Since beginning the Tuning in to Kids Program I’ve already noticed a difference in both myself and my kids. Being more aware of both their emotions and the way I respond, has meant we’ve had fewer “melt downs”, and more meaningful conversations about the way we relate to each other and people outside our family. I’m looking forward to continuing to practice some of the techniques I’ve learned. I really recommend participating if you have the opportunity.


I have found this course to be very beneficial to the relationship with my child.  I now think before I discipline my child and I believe we have become closer as a result.  My child has a better understanding of his emotions and this will only improve the more I use the coaching techniques.  The course has been very interesting and informative and I highly recommend it to all parents.


Having the opportunity to undertake the Tuning into Kids program is one I am so grateful for.  The course has been presented in a way that is enjoyable, informative and interesting.  It has  made me more aware of how I parent our children and also encouraged me to be a little more patient when dealing with certain situations.  We have also learnt some great tips to achieve a better outcome when parenting, as well as realising the importance of self care, which as a Mum you often neglect.

Each week I gained greater confidence in using emotion coaching with my children.  It was really rewarding to be able to put these newly acquired skills into practice and see the positive effect it had on my children’s behaviour.

If you have the opportunity to undertake this course, I would thoroughly recommend it!